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Natue Andes tours em Cusco Peru

Peru's Landscape
& Wildlife

by Nature Andes

installing camera-traps in Cusco

A long history of environmental work

We are no conventional travel agency. We are born from an organization dedicated to the conservation of nature, 'Projeto Puma', with a long history of environmental work and research expeditions. Besides the usual sightseeing , we also offer an in depth learning experience, from nature and into yourself, in a multicultural environment.

From luxury tours to simple walks into the moutains and jungle, to full expedition experience in which you'll act as naturalist and record wildlife; learn about landscape and wildlife ecology; stay with us as volunteer to work with wildlife and live the outdoors.


Adventure and learning

It is a retreat to refill you with energy and new perspectives, make new friends submerged by stunning surroundings and experiences, and led by a recognized scientist.

Students, lecturers and anyone with a taste for adventure and knowledge have joined us in many of our past expeditions. We strive to involve everyone in interpreting the surrounding nature, and in helping neighbouring communities to preserve nature.

surveying jaguars and bears in Cusco
leisure volunteer research

Research and safety

If you engage in on our volunteer expeditions, you'll see that work and learning can be balanced with leisure. The founding director of this company, Marcelo Mazzolli, Ph.D. in Ecology, not only has designed and produced the page you see now, but has closely supervised all the steps of your adventure.

Our travel place unites all the attractions you are looking for. You have many choices for your tour, take trains, treks or full expeditions near the reserves of Manu and Megantoni, inhabited by bears and large cats. To see your options, please look at the Tours page.

Map of the Cusco region, including the city of Cusco, Machu Picchu,
and the protected areas of Manu and Megantoni.

map of Cusco by Nature Andes

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