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Nature Andes travel, Cusco, Peru

Previous Expeditions

by Nature Andes

Citizen Science expeditions to wilderness in Cusco, by Nature Andes

Besides leading expeditions to the Amazons and the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, our organization has provided scientific support and guidance to volunteer expeditions in several other countries.

Our expeditons are mainly tent-based, a house used only for training, meetings and meals. These allowed for a greater camp flexibility. Trails in Cusco, such as the famous Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, which takes 4 days to traverse, are also tent-based.

Citizen Science research expeditions to study wilderness in Cusco, by Nature Andes

Top: A photo from a 2008 expedition to the Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil. Dedicated to the late Rodrigo Baleia, at the far right, photographer for the National Geographic and our friend.

Citizen Science research expeditions to study wilderness in Cusco, by Nature Andes

To see legacy pages with photos and names of participants in past groups, click at the following links per year:

2005-07 - Araucaria Forest
2005-10 - Atlantic Rainforest PR
2012 -14 Atlantic Rainforest ES
2013 -15 Amazons RO

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Scientific advising abroad 1 (English):

'Expedition lets holclassaymakers enjoy the wildlife
and help advance local research'

Scientific advising abroad 2 (English):

'...the presence of the Arabian leopard is
decreasing in the North region of... "

Scientific advising abroad 3 (English):

'Marcelo Mazzolli... and I had explored a methodology for monitoring cats by placing remote cameras along forest trails...'

Personal blog (French):

'Nous sommes 10 volontaires, 5 européens... et 5 brésiliens'

News (Portuguese):

'Há quatro anos, carros 4x4 com pesquisadores e turistas engajados percorrem, por duas semanas, uma área de 60 mil hectares'


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