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Nature Andes and Projeto Puma

Nature Andes is an initiative derived from the expedition branch of 'Projeto Puma' from Brazil, aimed to broaden its activities and include cultural besides natural aspects of the Andean environment.

Projeto Puma is an NGO active since 1993, aiming the study and protection of wildlife, with special interest on the puma, jaguar and other large wild cats.

Andean Bear Nature Andes research

Species' survival

Research has been directed towards finding key information to be used to enhance survivalship of threatened wildlife populations inside and outside protected areas. Amongst the most important things we found out:

◦ The importance of sheep management to avoid losses to puma and thus to minimize retaliations to the felid;
◦ The rate and direction of disapearance of the jaguar in southern Brazil;
◦ The recovery of the puma due to complete protection of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil;
◦ How planted forests intermingled with native forest and explored economically in a responsible fashion are good habitats for pumas;
◦ How volunteers, in short expeditions of scientific tourism may collect quality data that can be used to publish scientific papers.

All these results have been published in periodic journals (see publications).

The Nature Andes is a private initiative from the original founder of Projeto Puma, Dr. Marcelo Mazzolli (see a short biography below). It aims to continue the research expeditions with volunteers previously conducted by Projeto Puma, as well as to assist adventurers in discover more of the Andean region and the Inka culture.

Marcelo Mazzolli researcher Cusco

Marcelo Mazzolli.
Founder of Projeto Puma and Nature Andes. He will be either with you in your trip or at a phone call distant.

Born in Brazil, has moved to Peru to accompany his Peruvian wife after they lived for 15 years in his home country. Has a master degree in England and a Ph.D. from Brazil in the area of Biological Sciences.

Has taught in the university for over ten years, in courses such as Genetics, GIS, Statistics, Zoology and Ecology.

Advised both government and private sectors in projects related to Wildlife Management, Management of Protected Areas, Citizen Science, Forest Certification, Infrastructure and Water conservation.

Organized numerous field expeditions, often also participating as field instructor and supervisor, and mentored international scientists in Brazil (Amazons and Atlantic Forest), Middle East, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia and Indonesia.

His interests also spam into martial arts (Tai Chi in particular) and oriental philosophy, cooking, health, old 4x4 trucks and several activities related to the outdoors.


Facebook: @marcelomazzolli / @projetopuma
Cusco / Lima-Peru


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