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Machu Picchu

- exclusive for expeditioners -

Wildlife research + ancestral culture

by Nature Andes

Everyone who comes to Peru wants to see Machu Picchu. For the participants of our expedition, an integrated package was assembled here to facilitate this trip.

The advantages are many:

. You will not have to waste time to search agencies and itineraries to schedule this tour;

. You also do not need to worry about reservations, which need to be acquired with anticipation, such as hotel, transportation, and ticket to Machu Picchu;

. You do not have to rely on agencies that you do not have much information about.

Summary of plans and their values:

1. Normal plan, includes, in addition to the round trip by train from Aguas Calientes, private rooms in a hostel. $400.00.

2. Economic plan, includes one way to Aguas Calientes by train and return in a van / bus, and shared rooms in a hostel. $300.00.

3. Super-economic plan, includes both round trip to Aguas Calientes by van / bus (excluding train), shared rooms in hostel and overnight only in Cusco (overnight in Aguas Calientes excluded). $ 210.00.

Note: There may be a small variation in prices due to the fluctuation in service values ​​according to the season.

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Day 1: Arrival in a hostal in Cusco (1st night);

Day 2: Leave to Aguas Calientes; visit Machu Picchu; overnight in Aguas Calientes (normal and economic plans, super economic plan returns the same day);

Day 3: Return to Cusco (normal and economic plans).


July 21 - 27

December 15 - 21


June 11-17

October 21 - 27

December 15 - 21

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Map of Cusco region, including city of Cusco, Machu Picchu, and protected areas of Manu and Megantoni.

Maps of Cusco

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